FAQ for Clients

Which organization is behind wedo.lu?

wedo.lu is an initiative of the Fédération des Artisans. The Fédération des Artisans brings together craft enterprises legally established on Luxembourg territory. The Luxembourg craft industry counts 7,000 companies with some 90,000 employees.

How to register?

The directory of craft companies can of course be freely accessed on the web site. If you wish to receive quotes from companies, we will ask you to set up a customer account. Before placing your first call for offers you have to register, specifying your name and contact details in order to avoid misuse of the site. You also choose a “username” and password for your next visits.

How do I publish my project?

Site navigation is very intuitive. With the help of a menu and submenus, you can specify your project, describe it with free text and add attachments, such as plans, photos or technical references that will allow the company to get an idea of the work you want to do.

What is my advantage of looking for a craftsman via wedo.lu?

Wedo.lu is an easy and convenient way to find quality products or a partner to realize your projects. The company or companies that will contact you have the possibility to do your work and will offer you an estimate within a very short time. This saves you time and money.

What about the confidentiality of my data?

The data will only be used regarding wedo.lu and will not be communicated to third parties.

Is there a obligation from this contact?

No, it is a simple statement of facts that does not oblige you to anything.

How do I know if the company that will contact me is reliable?

Only companies affiliated to the Fédération des Artisans have access to wedo.lu to view your projects. These are companies legally established on the territory of the Grand Duchy which have all the necessary qualifications and authorisations to exercise their professions. Most of them have been active for years, offer all legal guarantees and are available for after-sales service.

How will the company contact me?

The company specializing in the area of your project will contact you by email or phone to discuss the details of the project or to schedule an appointment for a site visit to establish a quote.

FAQ for Companies

The profile of craft businesses in Luxembourg

What is wedo.lu?

wedo.lu is a platform for digital marketing and online communication of Luxembourgian craft companies

Who carries this project?

wedo.lu is an initiative of the Fédération des Artisans. The daily management is entrusted to FDA Service sàrl.

Why did the Fédération des Artisans create wedo.lu?

The digital transition is a phenomenon that also impacts craft businesses. Most customers get information on the Internet about the products and services offered by companies. With wedo.lu, the Fédération des Artisans wants to offer craft enterprises a platform on which they can present, promote and sell their products and services. By pooling our efforts, we will be able to position both the craft industry of Luxembourg and the individual company on the Internet.

What is wedo.lu doing?

In Luxembourg, 83 percent of customers ask google.lu about the desired product or service before contacting a company. The challenge is to capture this traffic and direct it to wedo.lu. Since google.lu is a local search engine, wedo.lu has every chance to capture this traffic and direct it to our companies on our platform. We also give companies the tools to implement their own digital marketing strategy.

What advantages can wedo.lu offer to craft businesses?

wedo.lu offers you visibility on the Internet and traffic for your site

wedo.lu gives you the means to communicate effectively with your customers and prospects.

wedo.lu allows you to answer requests for offers published by customers.

wedo.lu allows you to create and manage your website.

wedo.lu gives you the tools to develop your digital marketing strategy.

Why does wedo.lu offer companies three different models?

We want to offer our services both to companies that are new to digital marketing and to companies that have already implemented a digital strategy. Each company can start at its level and only pays for the services and instruments it actually uses. The basic registration on wedo.lu is free for our members.

How do I register on wedo.lu?

You can register directly on wedo.lu by choosing one of the models or you can contact us to arrange an individual appointment.


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