Published on Sep 24, 2019

Modern and refined, the new Panelux logo reflects the desire to give our identity a dynamic dimension, while focusing on our core business of traditional bread making and our geographical roots in Luxembourg. Thus, “Pane*”, with a stylised P symbolising an ear of wheat, is a reference to the raw material used in our noble profession and “lux” is a reminder of our territory and history.

That change in visual identity illustrates the new dimension of our company Panelux. The fundamentals of the brand remain unchanged. And the signature “Savoir-faire & Tradition” (“Know-how & Tradition”) reflects the commitment of a company that leverages the talent of its teams to support its customers with strong values of service and agility.


This autumn, Panelux S.A. will take another step forward with the construction of a new bakery workshop. No less than 3.000 m2 where human intervention will always be omnipresent, from dough production and division into rising baskets, followed by baking and delivery.

As a major player in our industry, our goal is to better meet the expectations of customers and convince regional market players that our people can make bread in the traditional way while offering innovative product ranges, and also be efficient in terms of production and delivery times.

As a result, we are currently in a new phase of development and in a commercial dynamic that will allow us to take a new step forward. All that is reflected in the change of image.



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