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Published on 30 March 2020

Are you in a car? Chances are you're going somewhere, whether it's urgent or not. And, of course, don't forget the chore of filling up the tank. At Q8, we make that chore worthwhile.

Enjoy and fill quickly at the best price! 

Q8 offers all WEDO.LU members a discount at stations in Luxembourg on all fuels (except CNG). 

 This discount is valid for all WEDO.LU members who have a company number, regardless of their volume.

 3.80 cent/litre inclusive of tax. (3.25 cent /litre excl. VAT)

The 6 advantages of the q8 liberty fuel card

1- Wide-area network

The Q8 Liberty card allows you to fill up 24/7 in 39 stations in Luxembourg or in more than 760 stations in the Benelux countries.

2- Mobile Tool

Thanks to Liberty Card's mobile tools, you can always find the shortest route to Q8 petrol stations.

3- Invoicing

Twice a month you will receive a detailed electronic invoice which will be paid by direct debit 15 days after the invoice date.

4- No additional fees

The Q8 Liberty Card is free of charge, with no additional activation, administration or billing costs. You only pay for your fuel consumption.

5- Management

All users can manage their cards via the Q8 Liberty website: You can manage your cards and transactions yourself: apply for new cards, block cards, download consumption reports, activate alerts, etc.

6- Security

Each card has its own pin code. If you wish to track your consumption, you can also enter the mileage at the payment terminal. In order to keep control of each transaction, you can set limits per card.

How to apply for a card?

In order to benefit from the above-mentioned conditions, the member must establish a contract with Kuwait Petroleum. Registration will only be carried out via a link available in the secure part of the LU website.

• He will first receive a quotation by e-mail (from ). In this mail, there is a link that allows him to order his card(s).

• Each Participant may register provided that it meets the "credit insurance" acceptance criteria as stipulated in the offer.

• Members will receive their card(s) within +/- 10 working days after the application has been finalized.

Your contact person:


Q8 Liberty Card Sales team

Kuwait Petroleum (Luxembourg) S.A.

T: +352 45 02 031

 Making a stop at Q8 means more than just buying fuel. We make it easy for you at all our stations. We combine work and pleasure: a win-win situation.

 Take advantage of the opportunity to order your card today!


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