Wedo.lu now in three languages!

Published on Sep 18, 2018

The Fédération des Artisans presents:

Wedo.lu now in three languages!

We would like to make the Luxembourgian companies of our members even more popular and have therefore decided to translate:

Besides the whole portal, all company entries of our members into German and English for free.

This makes Wedo.lu more interesting not only for people and companies based in Luxembourg, but also for the international market.

The SEO advantage

By the trilingualism the already extensive amount of data is extended by a multiple - what is positively rated by search engines!

Furthermore, the entries are optimized for the respective languages in such a way that they are gradually found for all three languages.

Our vision continues...

We are now just at the beginning with our goals for the future of the Luxembourg craft. What we have started here is the foundation - and we will build on it step by step.

It is not just our aim to withstand the general international digitalisation, we want to use it to our best advantage - in Luxembourg for Luxembourg and from Luxembourg to the world - that is our goal for the next few years!

Not yet a member of the Fédération des Artisans?

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