Your referencing strategy (SEO)

Published on 4 Jul, 2018

There is one essential thing: you must be found in the search results. To be able to place in known search engines like Google, Bing etc…. it is necessary to consider a strategy, which is called referencing strategy or SEO. This last one allows you to optimize your site for search engines. However, setting up a good SEO strategy is a tedious task and requires several steps.

There are 2 important procedures:

-On-Page Optimization: optimization done directly on your website
-Off Page Optimization: optimization done externally to your website.

There are mistakes to avoid, techniques that lead to exclusion at Google,…

Even if you have understood and respected all the advice we give you on the coming pages, you must be patient to see the first advancements through your SEO strategy. You will only see the first successes several months later.

Importance of the referencing strategy

The referencing strategy is the best way to increase the number of visitors to your site, and above all one of the cheapest options.

However, attracting new visitors 7/7 24/24 is only possible with a website that is well positioned in search results. A person will not normally search beyond the 3rd page of results.  It would therefore be preferable to position yourself on the first 3 pages. It goes without saying that the best place would be on the first page and this in ranks 1-4.

Tip: : Try different keyword combinations yourself from time to time to find out where your company stands in the search results. Try to do these searches when you are connected, but also when you are disconnected. Also try not to use your company name. Indeed you also want to be found by people who do not know your company.

Les différentes étapes du SEO