Everything you need to know about disaster clean-up!

Published on 10 Apr, 2019

Disasters such as fires, lightning, short circuits and floods transform our homes and businesses into lifeless structures! Some consequences can be severe and devastating if the disaster occurred on a large scale. Disaster clean-up companies are flourishing in the market, all of which offer services that focus on responsiveness and quality. Removal of rubble, water extraction, cleaning and decontamination, renovation or construction work, the range of services is wide and diversified. How to react after a disaster? Who to call upon? Why clean up? The answer in the following paragraphs.

Why clean up after a disaster?

We all agree that when torrential rains fall on a region or when floods engulf a house, or when lightning strikes nearby, the consequences can be catastrophic. The return to normal requires professional intervention, initially to carry out an assessment of the damage, on the basis of which the type of work to be maintained will be determined.

The role of cleaning professionals after a disaster

As soon as the calm settles after the end of the disaster, it is difficult to identify the damage that has occurred. Only a disaster clean-up company could do so, as it has the skills, expertise and means to overcome the consequences and put everything back in order. Moreover, any delay in the reimbursement procedure by the insurance company can be very expensive, the professionals of disaster clean-up are very familiar with the administrative procedures and will be able to defend you well. And that’s not all, the professional will recommend robust, durable and more resistant materials to better protect against future disasters.

Post-disaster works

The nature, scope and duration of the work depend on the extent of the damage. These works can range from partial renovation to total reconstruction. The damage also determines the strength or fragility of the construction, so the opportunity should be taken to address weaknesses and strengthen the strong points. The work will be carried out with more robust and safe materials to prevent these consequences from recurring in the future. Be selective in your choice of professional, ask your family or friends, word of mouth has always been the best way to choose a competent professional.

Potential dangers during disaster clean-up work

Collapse, electrocution due to live cables, fire recovery, respiratory health impacts such as smoke residue and lack of oxygen can poison the surrounding air. The dangers depend essentially on the type of loss. Only a professional has the means to deal with this kind of unexpected event. Entrusting disaster clean-up work is also a matter of safety, so never take disaster clean-up work as simple home cleaning work!