Everything you need to know about end-of-construction cleaning

Published on 10 Apr, 2019

Cleaning at the end of the worksite is done after construction or renovation work on a personal or industrial structure. This is a site restoration to provide the client with a brand new, healthy and clean building. Cleaning at the end of the construction site is essential to clean the site of various types of dirt such as traces of paint, asphalt, glue and others.

Cleaning at the end of the work can begin even before the end of the work. Due to the complexity of the work, which requires high expertise and specialized tools, the final cleaning is done by a specialized company, which takes care of this step before delivery to the customer.

Why is it so essential?

For a construction or renovation company, the delivery of a clean site is very essential for customer loyalty, because no one would like to receive a structure in any order. At the time of delivery, even if the company has ensured a majestic implementation of the most perfect and refined works and finishes, dirt, dust, waste and rubble will give the impression of being in a place that is still uninhabitable. This is why the site restoration work comes even before the configuration of the premises in their functional provisions.

Cleaning up after: what does it consist of?

Waste, resin residues, traces of paint and glue, dust, sawdust and other types of dirt must be cleaned before delivery of the construction. To do this, specialized companies carry out very detailed work by intervening on different levels:

– Removal and disposal of residues such as stones, cement, traces of adhesives, broken plaster, wood or PVC waste, etc,

– Dusting, sweeping, cleaning and reclamation of soils. They are thoroughly cleaned using equipment that allows dry cleaning, or by cleaning with water,

– Washing, wiping, degreasing and polishing of glass panes, window sills and all glass surfaces,

– Cleaning of ventilation ducts that may have been blocked by plaster, cement or wood particles,

– Ventilation of the building, elimination of material odours, disinfection of the air, sanitary and kitchen.

It should be noted that cleaning at the end of the worksite is often ordered by the contracting authority and is often included in the specifications of the works. This thorough cleaning is essential for the safety and security of the premises.

How much does a worksite cleaning cost?

The tariffs depend on the size of the worksite and the type of tasks to be carried out. The professionals of cleaning at the end of the worksite offer fixed price packages that include part or all of the work, that is, the total restoration of the entire site. As a general rule, prices are charged per square metre. Contact different companies and compare quotes, even have the reflex to look for a cleaning professional before the start of the work.