Conversion rates – Converting prospects into customers

Published on 4 Jul, 2018

Email marketing is a very useful tool that enables the conversion of simple prospects into real customers. We’re still talking about the conversion rate.

With a high conversion rate you can certainly increase your turnover. However, many people think with contempt about email marketing: spam, viruses….. Email marketing has a bad image. However, you need to see the benefits: You can win customers quickly and at low cost. However, the legislation must be complied with.

Email marketing – a tool to increase the conversion rate

There are arguments for setting up a newsletter. It is true that most visitors come to your website via search engines. But most of these visitors leave the site quickly without contacting or buying anything. However, studies have shown that the more often a visitor returns to your website, the more likely it is that he will contact you or buy something.  Prospects must be contacted between 7 and 9 times before becoming real customers. That’s why email marketing is the perfect tool to increase your conversion rate. This type of communication by e-mail saves you a lot of money. Think of gifts to encourage a prospective customer to inform himself regularly.

E-mail marketing has advantages over other marketing tools

-The newsletter enables simple and effective advertising. Anyone can create and send emails.

-Emails allow an immediate reaction: “Click here for….”. The reaction of the prospective customers usually takes place within 48 hours.

-The results of email marketing are simple and objectively measurable. A consistent and regular measurement will drastically improve your conversion rate.

Large listed companies use email marketing to increase their conversion rate. But this tool is also suitable for smaller companies to win new customers and maintain relationships with their customers.

Email marketing makes it easy to increase your conversion rate. If done right, you can even double your current sales.

People buy from experts, not from suppliers

People have confidence in experts because they are specialized in their field. However, this applies to all areas, not only to online marketing.

Your goal must be to build trust and profile yourself as an online expert if you want to increase your conversion rate. There are people who absolutely need expert advice and are prepared to pay a certain price for it. Try to make these people your customers.

Providing interesting content and real added value

If you want to build trust, you need time. Try to separate info newsletters from pure sales newsletters. This allows you to upgrade your status as an expert. Furthermore, as an expert you can improve your newsletters by making sure that readers….:

-Notes and tips

-Practical application examples or design

-Exclusive market information

Your customer and stakeholder lists provide a very valuable asset. Satisfied customers will buy again. What is certain is that the interested parties only become customers after regular contact. The more valuable your information becomes, the more people want to subscribe to your newsletter. Your conversion rate will increase.

How often should I send a newsletter?

There is no right or wrong answer. You have to try it.

There are, however, some parameters that you must take into account


-How often will my target customers accept my newsletter?

-Once a week, once a month, once a year?

The day of sending

-The beginning of the week is good.

-A Friday, however, is not so good, since many recipients are already in the weekend.

Transmission time

-When is the click rate best?

-When is the resonance best?

You should find out which parameters bring the highest conversion rate. And if you find that one timing is better than the other, you can change your strategy at any time. This is called optimization.