Social Media – An essential tool

Published on 4 Jul, 2018

Social Media portals are very diversified. We will briefly present the most important Social Media platforms.

-Social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, MySpace,…
-Professional networks such as XING or LinkedIn
-Microblogs like Twitter
-Video platforms like Youtube
-Specialized platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram or Flick
-Personal blogs, such as Wedo’s Blog


Facebook – The most important Social Media

Facebook is certainly the most important social media today. In the second quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2 billion active users from all over the world.

For a good eMarketing strategy, it is therefore essential that you present yourself on the first of all Social Media platforms: Facebook. Create a professional account, advertise your company, products and services.

-You can attract new customers, and nurture relationships with your former customers.
-You can also search for labour through Facebook.
-Registration is free of charge.
-To use Facebook effectively, you need to introduce your company and products and services and advertise in a way that is appropriate for your target group.
-It is important that your company page is different from your personal profile. While you can link the two together and manage both together, Facebook makes a distinction between your personal and business profile.

-On your personal profile: you present yourself as the person behind his company. This is important for smaller companies. Customers want to know who is the manager of the company they are going to choose. Here you can present yourself very personally: your interests, your kind of music, what you do… However, you must be careful what you publish and make a clear distinction between personal and commercial publications. Do not mix them too much and adjust the privacy settings.

-On your commercial site (fanpage): you present your company, your services and products. Don’t forget the Impressum.

You can create individual Apps. This is a good opportunity to spread your publications. Facebook offers you the opportunity to create them, sometimes free of charge, sometimes for a fee. However, be careful about protecting your data.

The URL you get from Facebook will be very long and complicated. If you have a minimum number of fans, you have the option of creating a custom URL, called “Vanity-URL”. You can then set your own talking URL.

On Facebook you have the possibility to join groups and follow certain profiles. There are groups of all kinds: discussion groups, self-help groups, opinion groups, etc. Be careful to advertise in the right groups.

-Focus group users do not like it when entrepreneurs advertise.
-However, there are groups that are essentially made for this purpose.

If you join a group, first try to understand the purpose of the group by reading users’ publications before you decide whether or not to advertise. Some groups have rules to follow.

You can also create a group yourself if you wish and if the interest is high enough. However, you should be aware that managing a Facebook group takes a long time.

-You must invite your friends on Facebook
-You must manage the addition requests
-You must monitor publications
-You must pay attention to Fair Play and fair and healthy competition
-You have to arbitrate conflicts

Facebook also allows you to make personalized advertising for your target group. It is a paid service, however. You can choose from several options.

Google Plus – Social Media taken into consideration by Google

After its creation, Google Plus was very successful. Today there are many registered users, but the number of active users remains relatively low. However, it is a very interesting tool to improve your positioning at Google itself. Registration is free of charge. Google Plus is not only a Social Media, but Google is also removing social signals from this platform. This way, Google itself can better optimize its ads.

Google Plus also offers personal and company profiles. The differences are not very visible at first sight. You will distinguish the profiles with the +1 button on the home page.

Why use Google Plus Social Media?

-Some Google Plus users are not active on other social networks, so you will find another customer base.

-Content on Google Plus is added faster by Google to search results. This increases your online visibility.

-Google Plus allows you to put links on other websites, and allows you to insert links in the home text.

-Google Plus content is presented in search results with a profile image.

Tips for a good use of this Social Media platform:

-Attract a lot of followers: if you appear on the homepage of many Google Plus users, Google will take it into consideration. In addition, you increase the probability that your content will be shared and/or that a user will give you a +1 reference. All this is considered more important by Google.

-Use links in your texts.

-Google does not only allow you to insert links to other websites, but also to insert them into your profile text.
-Also use links in your publications.

-Use keywords in your publications: your publications are indexed in the same way as texts on your website. You must therefore use relevant keywords.
-Your first sentence must directly target the main theme of your page. This sentence is the first thing people see. You have to give them a good first impression.

The more your content is shared or judged by +1, the higher Google will rank you. The visibility of your site will increase.

Information on the authors

Use “Author-Tags”. Through this tool, Google Plus content, but also publications on your blogs or other Word-press sites will be presented in search results with profile images. This increases the visibility of your site and the interest of internet users.

Twitter – the Social Media for creating Microblogs

The success of Social Media Twitter began in 2006. Twitter offers the possibility to create microblogs. In 2017, Twitter had more than 3 million active users with more than 500 million tweets per day in 40 languages. Certainly the reach is not as important as for Facebook, but Twitter remains an important tool.

Registration is free of charge. Create a Twitter profile with a small description of your company, a photo and the logo. You can also insert the link on your website if you have one. Each publication, called Tweet, has a maximum length of 140 characters and may contain links to other websites, images and other media. Whoever wants to read the tweets, has to follow you. The goal is to attract as many Followers as possible.

The general question on Twitter is: “What are you doing now? ». For private users, tweets are varied and about God and the World. For commercial users, tweets normally represent brief information about the company, products and services, experiences, events… However, there are also entrepreneurs who use their Twitter for personal tweets. Everyone must find their way here.

Advantages of Social Media Twitter:

-The principle of Twitter is that of “follow back”. So if you subscribe to a Twitter account, that one will also subscribe to your account. If you then follow interesting people, they will usually do the same. In this way you build a large target group.
-You can deepen the contacts, and give them an invitation to follow you on Facebook, Google More…
-Online visibility will be increased
-Communication with your potential customers is done in real time
-Publications can be easily propagated.
-The reach of Twitter is great

Tips for a good use of this Social Media:

-Use hastags, which allow you to mark relevant keywords as part of your tweet. So your tweets will be categorized
-You must certainly increase the number of your followers, to do this you must however pay attention to the quality of the followers. Quality is worth more than quantity. Try to attract as many people as possible from your target group.
-Pay attention to the quality of your publications and try to do regular tweets. These do not have a very long survival time, so you must always stay up to date.
-Publishing texts is important, but also use images, videos and other graphic content.
-You can retweet, which means you will share content that someone else has posted on Twitter. This increases the link with other Twitter users. Normally if someone shares your tweet, you will be grateful.

XING – the professional German Social Media

XING is a Social Media platform, but essentially professional. It has more than 10 million users worldwide. You will find different thematic categories.

The basic subscription is free at Xing. There is also the possibility of becoming a Premium member for a monthly fee starting at 5€. We advise you to become a Premium member, as you will benefit from more functions (e. g. display of the number of visitors on your site, analysis of visitors to your profile, private messaging…)

You must create a profile by setting up a personalized portfolio with texts and images. There is a special category to integrate all the other websites you own: Facebook links, Instagram, Twitter, Google More…

If you have created your account, you will start with your personal and business contacts, which you already have. Then you will look for interesting groups and ask for the addition. If you have been accepted you will introduce yourself to the group and thank them for the addition. After that you can start publishing content in groups.

Advantages of XING:

-XING is perfectly adapted to a regional contact search
-You will find potential customers in the many groups adapted to a region or a profession.
-Some regional groups will organize events or celebrations in which you can participate.
-Online- and Offline-marketing can be perfectly combined with XING.

Youtube – a Social Media allowing you to share your videos

Youtube has almost a billion active users. Registration is free of charge. Youtube offers an excellent advertising platform, also for craft trades. If you want to make videos, it’s sometimes better to focus on the easy way out. Amateur videos are often enough to add value. You can give exclusive advice to your subscribers.

You can benefit from this for your positioning at Google, since videos appear in Google’s search results. In addition, you will increase your position by increasing the number of return links. This generates more traffic.

Always keep in mind that people prefer to watch a video better than to read very long texts.

Pinterest and Instagram – Social Media which focuses mainly on photos

Both networks rely mainly on the use of images. Attract the attention of customers! Both generate a lot of traffic. If you have a lot of visitors on your Instagram or Pinterest accounts, Google will take it into consideration for your ranking.

It is clear that these two networks are not suitable for all craft trades. Especially for jobs in the fields of aesthetics, fashion, beauty… Instagram and Pinterest offer good opportunities. Instagram’s “beauty Channels” are flourishing. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity.

Example: : if you are an aesthetician, and you want to show before/after photos of your clients, then Instagram offers a great platform with a potential clientele.

However, nothing prevents you from opening unconventional Instagram and/or Pinterest accounts. People have a weakness for the unusual.

Local marketing with or without evaluation portals

In recent years, a new form of advertising has emerged: evaluation platforms are flourishing. 93% of people do research before deciding on a company. The opinions of other users are becoming increasingly important. Word of mouth” propaganda has been replaced by this form of marketing, which has become indispensable. Indeed, according to studies, the vast majority of Internet users trust these recommendations.

This form of marketing is also important, because opinions and recommendations are often found among the top search results, sometimes also in Google Maps. Your business data will also be published, and the online visibility of your business increases.  In addition, there is often a link to your site, which is located there.


Nos conseils pour votre stratégie Social Media parfaite