Social Media and its many advantages

Published on 4 Jul, 2018

Social Media has fundamentally changed modern marketing. Advertising no longer works in the same way as it did 50 years ago. Social networks allow you to create relationships and use them for your benefit.


The majority of people between 14 and 64 are now members of a Social Media platform, and every day the number is increasing. A world without social networks is no longer possible. However, there are many craft businesses that do not exploit it. We must not be reluctant on this subject, we must participate! If you use Social Media effectively, you can advertise for free and attract more customers.


Social Media is becoming increasingly important in our modern society. This is certainly true for privacy, but certainly also for the commercial world. Online marketing has changed fundamentally. In the past, a website was sufficient, while today we have to look further afield.


Social Media now provides advice and guidance on companies, products and services… People are looking for inspiration. Social Media is nowadays the modern form of “word of mouth”. Especially among young people, Social Media is firmly rooted in everyday life, and more and more adults are getting involved.


To generate a good positioning at Google, links on social networks are becoming more and more important. Search engine robots follow a logic: the one that is not mentioned in Social Media simply does not exist. Indeed, what is important today is discussed in Social Media, and therefore what is not discussed is not important.


Through social networks, you can easily advertise, and at no great cost. This advertising is spreading faster than any other form of advertising. And you can take full advantage of the global reach of social networks.


However, there is one condition: you must always control what happens on your accounts in social networks. If good publicity spreads very quickly, the same is true for bad publicity. So be careful: negative opinions about your services and products in social networks can mean the end of your business.


Social Media – essayez de créer un entonnoir