Our advice for your perfect Social Media strategy

Published on 4 Jul, 2018

We have some tips for your perfect Social Media strategy. Many people start with a project, which will be doomed to failure. The problem is that they do not understand the principle of Social Media. They want to sell something directly. However, this is not the best way forward.

 –Advice 1:

Users often look for the “fun” factor. They want to communicate with each other, meet other people, share their experiences. So don’t advertise directly for yourself.

-Advice 2 :

You must adapt the different platforms to each other. Create a complete package, which shows the interested party what they want to find

– Advice 3 :

You must plan from the beginning which collaborator will make the publications, who answers questions, who makes comments…

-Advice 4 :

You must take your time to manage your Social Media channels and integrate it directly into your company’s daily life.  From the beginning, you can plan about half an hour a day for Social Media. So you can see the changes every day and stay up to date. If you do not have time to do it yourself, appoint an employee to do it, otherwise you always have the option of hiring an external firm. Think here of continuity! Only continuity generates the expected results.

-Advice 5 :

Pay attention to your overall strategy. The more customers you have, the more people you will have who are really interested, and the more customers you generate.

Social Media can therefore help you to increase your success considerably. Given the development of the digital world, you cannot ignore this tool. Make the most of this opportunity to your advantage

-Advice 6 :

We have another very important advice for you, concerning the processing of emails. By filtering, which we will briefly introduce you to here, you will increase your conversion rate from simple requests to real orders.


Many people, who will contact you, only want to collect general or specific information, often on the price of services, but do not intend to buy immediately. So never make an appointment directly with the visitors of your website who have contacted you, otherwise your calendar will be too full without guaranteeing the necessary performance. Always ask for more information.

You must therefore filter the emails to retain only serious requests. Ask the interested parties to briefly explain their situation to you, if necessary ask for photos or other information necessary to determine whether the request is serious or not.

You can always give an estimate of the price of your services by email. Many applicants will at this time give up your services without the need for a first appointment.

If at the end you fix an appointment, be sure to ask for a deposit.


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