Monitoring – Mandatory monitoring of your website

Published on 4 Jul, 2018

Monitoring your website is essential. We present to you various factors that must be constantly monitored by you.

Monitoring the number of users

You should regularly check how many Internet users have visited your website. These data will be taken into account by almost all providers and normally these statistics are presented in a visible way.

The reference statistic is very important: It shows which site visitors came from. This way you can analyze the direct consequences of your marketing strategy. If many visitors come from Google, you can be sure that your site is well positioned here.

Additional monitoring with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free analysis program. It allows you to deliver vast statistics on your visitors. These statistics are even more extensive than those offered by the various providers. Google Analytics therefore allows you to take your monitoring to a higher level.

The Analytics code is inserted in the content page of the website. Some CMS offer the central insertion of the Code in the administrative menu.

You will find Google Analytics in the Google AdWords account.

Surveillance des activités mails

Contrôlez le succès des newsletters envoyées après chaque action d’envoi.

Ce qui est pris en considération sont les mails qui ont pu être délivrées, les retours, les Opt-off et le nombre de mails ouverts.

Monitoring of notices on the Internet

It is very important to monitor reviews on the Internet. It is certain that people will talk about you on the Internet or in social media, whether you know it or not and whether you have read it or not. Above all, do not use a tactic of ignorance, where you do not want to know the opinions, fearing negative opinions.

Your potential customers will read it, and they can then choose your competition. Transparency is important, you must follow current trends and opinions and reviews. Only if you are informed, you can react.

Social Media Monitoring

You need to monitor social media. There are programs that help you find publications, reviews… that exist in social media about you. You only need to enter your www address… and the program will deliver everything on you.

Monitoring your reputation as an individual person

As an entrepreneur, a natural person, your reputation will have an impact on your company’s turnover. So try to find out what publications and opinions exist about you.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is free. These are email notifications about new events on Google. You can set the keywords or websites for which you want to get notifications, and Google will inform you by email if there is anything new.

You will get information about yourself, your partners, your employees, your employees,… and you will get interesting branch information. By Google Alerts, your monitoring will be improved.


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