Additional work to the renovation

Published on 22 Feb, 2018

The windows

facade travaux fenetre couts assurance isolation

Changing windows during a facade renovation because this work will improve the insulation around the window at the same time as the wall itself, the siding that will be installed over it covers the edges of the window, thus avoiding any thermal bridges that may have appeared.

The insulation

A renovation of the facade is an opportunity to carry out insulation work from the outside. Thermal insulation by this process is very effective in quickly restoring damaged residential facades. It is an economical and practical solution compared to wall insulation from the inside, the materials are cheaper to buy and do not lose living space.

The technique consists in covering the dwelling with insulating plaster and covering it with a coating that will decorate and protect the walls. This work creates real added value for the house in question, cuts short thermal bridges and saves on energy bills.

Nevertheless, it is a complex process to install on walls that are too damaged and have too many openings such as windows, balconies, mouldings or railings. The appearance of the house will also change significantly but generally in a positive way thanks to the coating applied over it.

The composition is as follows:


The support (wall) ⇒ the insulator ⇒ the fixing plaster ⇒ the reinforcement ⇒ the covering