The Opt-In and Opt-out methods

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

You have different possibilities to generate new email addresses. We will present you the differences between Single Opt-in and Double Opt-in.

– Opt-in methods :

You will register using a standard form on a website. You must be careful to spread trust to your stakeholders from the very beginning. Make sure that interested parties know that you will not pass on data to other companies, and that you will only use the information for the newsletter. There are two methods here:

– Single Opt-in
– Double Opt-in
– Note: For the Opt-in soft, you will use existing addresses.

Single Opt-in

The interested party, after completing the form, will automatically be registered as a subscriber to your newsletter, without any particular control.

Single Opt-in is certainly a fairly easy method, but it is very controversial legally. In the event of a dispute, the person who sent the email has the burden of proof: he must demonstrate that the person who obtained it has given his consent.

Try not to use this method

Double Opt-in

The express agreement of the recipient is required for this Double Opt-in method. This acceptance must be given in a separate email. The interested party will obtain directly after filling in his form an email where an acceptance link will be displayed. This link must be open. Until this link has been opened, the potential subscriber will not have a newsletter. After opening, the recipient will be in the list of subscribers.

You are therefore sure that you have the agreement of the email recipient by using Double Opt-in. And the probability will be smaller, that the mail goes directly into the Spam folder.

Soft Opt-in

Among your already registered customers, the sending of advertising emails is possible, under certain conditions.

-The advertisement must refer to products or services comparable to those already ordered by the customer.
-In addition, the customer must not have contradicted the use of his data for this purpose.

If you do not have an email address for one of your customers, you should call them to get it. This will increase your list.

Opt-Out method

If there is Opt-in, you must always offer your customers the possibility to unsubscribe from your newsletter, therefore the Opt-out. It doesn’t matter how you do it: you can offer it through a particular link or textual information.

At first you will be sad about each Opt-out. However, you must see the positive side. These people are not interested enough, so they sort them out themselves. You will keep those who have a real interest, and who can change into real regular customers. Your conversion rate will increase and the quality of your mailing list will also increase.


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