The 5 most frequent mistakes

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

The 5 mistakes

We will present you with five common mistakes, which are committed in the context of digital marketing, and which reduce the success of your websites.

Mistake 1: Lack of visitors

You make a mistake if you don’t attract enough visitors. Your website will indeed have no meaning: your website will only generate costs instead of increasing the company’s reputation among the population. However, attracting customers is essential, since the more visitors there are on the site, the more revenue will increase. So avoid this mistake and always keep an eye on the statistics.

There are ways to avoid this mistake, which we will present to you very soon. (see chapter on SEO strategy, on Google AdWorks or on Social Media)

Mistake 2: A website as a copy of the prospectus

Many companies have a brochure, catalogue or other advertising… Entrepreneurs often make a mistake by using the content of this brochure to create their website, sometimes even word for word. Don’t make this mistake, and think about the fact that people often don’t read the paper prospectus, so no one will be interested in the same online prospectus. It is necessary to play creativity and create a site that offers a real adventure to visitors.

Mistake 3: Advertising and informations

Previous generations still had to look for their information in books. It was a tedious job, without anyone knowing if at the end of the day we found the information we were looking for. The Internet has made a lot of things easier. Today we do the searches directly through search engines (Google, Bing…). According to studies, about 90% of visitors have reached the site through a search engine. Of the remaining 10%, many come to the site through social networks.

At first, the majority of visitors will not buy anything or read the prospectus. But they’re only going to look for information… As a website administrator, you must deliver all the information you are looking for at first glance. Do not make the mistake that the visitor does not directly find what he is looking for. He will indeed leave the website and perhaps end up with your competitor.

Mistake 4: Attention to quality

Web sites often have poor quality. Don’t make this mistake! Good quality is the first condition for visitors to find the information they are looking for.

If you pay attention to a few essential points, you can avoid this mistake:

-Professional design (avoid pictures of your dog, nephew…)
-Easily readable writing
-Good image quality
-Continuous updating of information
-Regular updating of things, and deletion of things that are not current
-Clear and easy navigation for each age group
-Avoid long site loading times

If you pay attention to these essential points, you can greatly increase confidence in the company.

Mistake 5: Follow-up of information requests

Here the notion of customer service is very important. It is essential to provide for the processing and follow-up of customer requests for information and/or orders. It is a mistake to let your customers wait too long.

Try to have, if possible, a daily, or at least regular, follow-up of requests from your customers. This increases confidence in the brand, and helps to develop a good reputation.

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