The 3 mistakes to avoid when cleaning up after a disaster

Published on 10 Apr, 2019

When a disaster occurs, it is important to act quickly to start the clean-up work as soon as possible. There are many companies specialising in this field in Luxembourg and they offer you a wide range of services depending on their areas of expertise and the performance of their equipment. In this article we propose you the mistakes to avoid so that the cleaning after disaster happens in the best conditions.

Mistake #1: First come, first retained!

Some companies take advantage of the shock of their potential customers. They arrive at the same time as the rescuers, come with a contract, and have it signed by the dismayed owner! This is absurd and unethical, but unfortunately it often happens. How many people who thought they had signed a contract for an exclusive door and window barricade service found themselves some time later with a contract for comprehensive disaster clean-up services. Employees of post-disaster companies who are successful in bringing back a contract signed at the time of the disaster demonstrate high business skills in the eyes of their company and benefit from a very high commission.

Advice: Contact an independent claims adjuster in the early hours who works independently of insurance companies and disaster cleaners, instead taking care of the collaboration between the two, making a damage assessment, an inventory of damaged property, and negotiating a preferential settlement with the insurer and advantageous prices with the disaster cleaners. The independent claims adjuster is very useful in overcoming this difficult situation, especially in the event of major property damage or death.

Mistake #2: Do not estimate costs

To protect yourself, require that the estimates be clear, precise and well detailed for all interventions, even very small ones. Because in the event of a defect or disagreement you can win your case after your recourse to the courts. This is also a test of the company’s reactivity, which must ensure that your requests are answered in a timely manner. Take the one that offers you a very concise price range on your first visit. Find out about employees’ hourly rates, the number of days it takes to complete all work, the types of related services and their rates such as moving, storage, furniture cleaning or other services.

Mistake #3: Sign the contract without having inquired about all its clauses

Still under the sidereal shock of the disaster and the losses are already counted in very large sums, the owners can launch into a commitment that they risk paying very high prices afterwards, by signing a blind contract. Some misguided companies offer contracts with vague clauses that do not clearly specify all the details. If the clauses of the undertaking are indecipherable, you can urgently call on an expert who can help you understand the agreement you are about to sign.