The new is here!

Published on 5 Oct, 2018


News from the Fédération des Artisans:

On everyone can easily sketch their own project and receive suitable offers for optimal realization in the shortest possible time.

In order to make the portal even more efficient and accessible, we have made a number of improvements:


  • The entire portal is now also available in English and German, so that even more companies and individuals can connect with each other.


  • High-quality pictures to all categories of the Luxembourgian craft improve the design, the overview and the range in the Internet.


  • Our individual Search Engine Optimization increases the accessibility and connects now even more clients with the suitable enterprises.


  • All subpages were edited in a way that we can start targeted advertising campaigns to pick up project planners exactly when they are looking for the handicraft services of our partners.


The vision remains our motor…

We have now come a little closer to our goal of further strengthening the Luxembourgian craft on the regional and international market and would like to thank our partners and users for their reliability and trust!


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