The optimal strategy for your online project

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

The strategy for your online project must be determined very early on. We have some tips to help you plan your project in the best possible way.

Traffic – an essential concept for your strategy

Without visitors, no website can work

If the number of visitors to your website is low, you can’t expect to make a lot of money. The right strategy would therefore be to attract as many visitors as possible. A professional online marketing is therefore very important. To achieve this, we have some tips.

To implement an optimal strategy, you must do different things yourself first:

– Try to publish classified ads.

– Always try to specify your www….. address, also on your company documents (business cards, invoices, brochures,…)

– Try to use a signature in your emails, and put a link to your home page

– Try to convince your suppliers, friends, brothers and sisters… to share your link on their site or on their account in social networks. It is fast, free and allows you to attract additional visitors and therefore you will get a better positioning in the major search engines

– Try to check regularly how many visitors are on your website

Opt-in gifts – a successful strategy

The 21st century has certainly allowed the Internet to change the world, but laws and regulations on the protection of personal data are becoming more and more numerous. It is therefore impossible for the entrepreneur to know exactly who comes to the website how many times. However, this information is crucial to a good marketing strategy. It is therefore necessary to find another way to establish a list of addresses of interested persons.

What is very important here is the notion of “conversion”. Indeed, many visitors are of no use to you if you do not turn them into customers at the end of the day. The most important thing is to know how many people will actually buy your products and to proportion them to the number of visitors.

People have become very attentive when surfing the Internet. Online promises are often traps. Opt-in gifts can certainly attract the attention of visitors, provided that the promise you make is not kept as a trap.


So you need to pay attention to a few points to allow your strategy to be truly successful:

– Always think about your target group and their real interests.

– You should try to create a sense of desire among visitors to buy your products

– Always pay attention to the quality of your products. This also applies to the quality of opt-in gifts. Never offer an opt-in gift of poor quality, and never be of a lower quality than your products.

You can consider as a gift a contest, a voucher, a discount voucher, a free information session, an exclusive visit to your premises,… Try to find something that interests your target group.

Examples :

– A chocolate and pastry maker can show in a video how to make a log for Christmas

– An electrician shows how easy it is to save electricity in everyday life.

– Once a year, a garage offers a draw among its customers for a free tyre change. This competition can even be integrated into the Social-Media-Marketing strategy
– …

You will find something creative. It is important that the customer does not have to wait before getting the free product or service you are offering as a gift. Once he has entered his data (email, last name, first name…) and subscribed to the newsletter, the customer will get his product immediately. We can therefore say that it is an exchange: Information for product.

And a little advice: If Oberweis now shows how to make a log, he might fear that there are many people who will make one themselves for Christmas. But often the demonstration of an activity in such a video has the opposite effect. People notice that it’s a lot of work and that they can make a lot of mistakes. And who wants an unsightly log for Christmas? So they often decide to hire a professional for the work. But who will they choose? As Oberweis showed in the video that his logs are very beautiful, the visitor tends to hire him directly.

Conversion rate – the right strategy to turn visitors into customers.

The behaviour of visitors on websites requires a whole study. However, one thing is certain: the more a person visits your website, the more likely they will buy or contact you.

The visitor’s trust will be enhanced by any additional contact. One statistic shows that about 80% of online purchases are made after the 5th contact. You must therefore have an appropriate strategy: it is necessary to reach out to stakeholders and continuously focus their attention on your products and services.

– Easiest method: setting up a newsletter

– Traditional methods: means of communication such as telephone, letter, leaflets,… are also useful

Be lenient, to allow the conversion of visitors into customers, you need time and patience. But success will come. Keep your goal in mind, and start changing your strategy by following our advice.


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