The quality of your texts is crucial

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

If you want to be successful with your Email Marketing, you must be careful about the quality of your texts. They will create a relationship with the reader.


When building your text, you must try to put yourself in the position of the interested party: what can I offer him in added value, in advantage? What would I be interested in? We speak of “WIIFM”, in abbreviation for “What’s in it for me?


You must pay attention to the overview of the newsletter. This makes the email more readable. Be careful with your titles, your choice of words,… Wake up the reader’s curiosity.


You should always insert the link to your web page for all people who want more information on a certain point.


Ideally you can insert a possibility to contact you or even an order form in your newsletter, or put a link that goes directly to this form.


Be careful with your subject in the email

In an email, the subject is of crucial importance. We must therefore be careful about its quality. The recipient will decide in a very short period of time whether or not to continue reading. You can therefore perfectly insert in the object an advantage that the recipient will get from reading your mail. The object must therefore already answer the “WIIFM” question.

You can first send a few test emails and wait for feedback. Do your own studies to find the best method and change your subject line based on these tests.

Tips to increase the quality of your texts

Examples :

– You can talk directly to the recipient in the subject line: “Madam, Mr. XY…”
– You can ask questions
– You can show him the usefulness, added value or advantage he gets from reading the email
– Try to generate suspense and/or curiosity
– Insert a current offer
– Insert new features
– Free offers
– Promotions
– You can take inspiration from the mass media to see current trends and play with them.
– …

Modern technology automatically filters the emails we get. To avoid that your emails automatically end up in the “Spam” file, avoid using exclamation marks, question marks, other signs, capital letters, keywords too obviously related to advertising.

For whatever method you decide, you must always be careful to arouse the curiosity of the recipient. Try to take the theme of the object and go into more detail. You must bring added value to the user.


La newsletter – un instrument utile et indispensable