The newsletter – a useful and indispensable tool

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

The newsletter is an information email, sent periodically to the email addresses of the people who have subscribed to it. So it’s a information letter.

Different types of Newsletter

– Classic newsletter: it is a newsletter that is periodically sent to fixed recipients. (e. g. daily, weekly, etc.). This type of newsletter normally contains information about the company, products and services or advertising. This does not work so well, since a lot of information will be provided at a time.

– Stand Alone Newsletter: It is a newsletter that is only sent for special occasions, ideally for specific products or services. This form of newsletter is more successful than the classic newsletter, according to studies.

– Follow up Newsletter: these are emails with several levels, which are built on top of each other.

Tips for creating your newsletter list

If you are in the customer’s or interested party’s position, you will give your email if you are really interested or if you are looking for inspiration.

This is why you need to present an attractive offer on your website or landing page, which attracts many interested people. You can offer a registration gift. This gift must be of impeccable quality, since it will be the first impression that the person concerned will have of your company’s work. You can consider different gifts:

– Free consultation
– Free catalogue
– Trial offer
– Sample of a product
– …
In the newsletter registration form, only ask for the things you really need. If you request a lot of personal data, the probability of a cancellation becomes greater.

Internet through auto-pilot – automatic newsletter processing

If you have carried out all the advice we have given you, you still have a challenge to overcome. Indeed, requests for information or contact are often not processed at all or are treated with great delay. You need to think about this problem very quickly, and have a strategy to allow a quick and, ideally, automated processing of these requests.

Traditional programs are not designed to meet these requirements. You need a professional newsletter system, which allows address management and automatic processing of requests and data. This saves a lot of time, and certainly money.

A perfect lead flow, i. e. automated address processing, is convenient:

– An interested party will fill in the standard form on the website or landingpage

– Customers are then automatically categorized by assigning characteristics

– The data are then recorded in the corresponding database

– If you use the Double Opt-In method, then the acceptance email will be automated and the registration will be done after this acceptance only

– An automated welcome email with a link to the offer,… will be sent

– There are Mailing actions: you can easily choose the group of recipients to whom you want to send the mails.

– Fully automated tracking

Once you have set up this system, everything will be done automatically.

Professional newsletter systems

There is a very important offer in Open-Source-Software, whether it is paid, free or for rent. For each of the offers there are advantages and disadvantages.

Free software:

– The software will be installed on its own web space

– The newsletters are sent from the personal software

– However, this complex technique must be managed personally

– We are more quickly categorized as Spammer, and the spam filter will automatically divert them into the digital entries of Spam

Mass professional software (e. g. CleverReach, Rapid Mail, Klick-Tipp…)

– The software is installed on your server and you only rent it

– The emails will normally arrive at the recipient.

Advantages of these systems

The creation of professional newsletters has become very easy thanks to the graphic surfaces. The use of these systems also allows for accurate analyses. Through this you can optimize your campaigns and you will have better quotas.


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