Landingpage, an essential tool

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

The Landingpage or referring page has become an essential tool in digital marketing. It allows you to increase your turnover.

What is a landing page?

Most craftsmen do not use landing pages, even if landing pages generate a very large part of their online sales.!!!!

Definition: « A landing page is a website to which traffic is sent from one or more sources in order to achieve a specific action or result. The advantages of the Landingpage over a larger website is that the focus and goal of the website is focused on a specific goal. While on a normal company website the user has a lot of options and choices for different ways. A landing page allows you to offer a suitable product to your very specific target or demand group, without being distracted by too much other information! » (source (translated): The Internet Marketing Plan for Crafts Enterprises, Hoch hinaus Verlag, 2014)

Some points to remember:

-You must provide on your landing page exactly the information that visitors are looking for.

-Information must be clear and precise, while delivering added value.

-What services do you offer?
-Why should I decide for you?


You must share your site in different categories or sub-sites. At the beginning you set your goals. Create a new sub-category for each of your goals, for each new product or service. Thus the site becomes more structured.


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