European Day of Dental Prosthetists

Published on 14 Jun, 2018

European Day of Dental Prosthetists

On the occasion of the 1st European Day of Dental Prosthetists, which took place on Friday, 1 June 2018, the Federation of Dental Laboratories of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg took the initiative to introduce the general public to their profession as dental technicians and their know-how and services.

Dental Prosthetists

The dental prosthesist is a professional who is responsible for developing a device for restoration and functional and aesthetic recovery.

Appliances can be fixed prostheses (crowns, ceramic veneers and bridges on implants), partial or total removable prostheses (dentures), bleaching / sports trays and orthodontic appliances.

The profession of dental technician requires skill, thoroughness, perfectionism, a good sense of observation, excellent visual skills in terms of colour and relief and a sense of aesthetics.

Dental technicians are craftsmen working exclusively on the medical prescription of a dentist in their own dental laboratory.

In accordance with European Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices, the dental technician is a manufacturer of custom-made medical devices 1 (DMSM)3.


Nowadays, digital assistance is playing an increasing role in all areas of restorative dentistry.

They provide dentists and patients with a wider choice of therapeutic solutions. The democratization of the digital world, which combines the artisanal and industrial sides, is leading to a profound overhaul of the profession. The profession of dental technician is inevitably changing.

Training in Luxembourg requires four years of study to obtain the Diploma of Professional Aptitude (DAP). For those who wish to be independent, obtaining a master’s degree is mandatory, which corresponds to three additional years of study.

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