Climatically neutral printing

Published on 30 May, 2018

Since 1 January 2018, the OSSA Printing Company, based in Niederanven, has joined the non-profit association myclimate Luxembourg, a leader in carbon offsetting in the printing sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Since its creation, OSSA printing has had a philosophy of environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources. Indeed, the OSSA printing house has been a member of the Superdrëckskëscht for 15 years and has been FSC certified for 10 years. In 2017 the lighting in the workshop and offices was changed to LED bulbs. The colours used are from the “Epple” brand, free of any mineral oil and designed on the basis of vegetable raw materials. At the beginning of 2018 the printing company changed from van to Norm Euro 6. The choice to offset all of its unavoidable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is in addition to the continuity of this commitment.

The first step is to analyse the activities and material flows of the printing company by myclimate Luxembourg. This carbon inventory, based on the myclimate smart3 software, was developed by myclimate and takes into account manufacturing, transport, upstream and downstream colours, among other things. Thus, the printing company has a global view of its greenhouse gas emissions from its activity.

Following this inventory, the printing works voluntarily offsets all of its unavoidable carbon emissions from its activity. The printing company will be rewarded with the myclimate label, which is recognised as a “climate-neutral printing company”. Through offsetting, myclimate Luxembourg will invest this collected fund in projects that meet very high standards. In addition to the very strict criteria, this project contributes to the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)

OSSA Printing decided to dedicate the funds collected in the project: less deforestation in the tropical forest of Kakamega (Kenya). Locally produced Upesi ovens reduce wood consumption and thus contribute to the preservation of the exceptional vegetation and biodiversity of the Kakamega rainforest. The ovens have a clean combustion system and therefore produce less soot, which reduces respiratory tract infections in women and children. By curbing deforestation and the consumption of firewood, greenhouse gas emissions and the time women spend looking for firewood have been reduced.


The positive effects realized so far are:

  • 660 hectares of virgin forest are not deforested

  • 38,000 efficient furnaces are installed

  • 10 furnace production groups have been created

The primary goal is not to compensate, but to reduce carbon emissions from its activity as much as possible. For example, Printing OSSA has committed to making an annual carbon footprint to concretely measure the results of its efforts in the future. With the experts from myclimate Luxembourg the principles remain “Avoid – reduce – compensate” and “Do the best and offset the rest”.

Esch-sur-Alzette, May 30, 2018
About myclimate Luxembourg

myclimate Luxembourg a.s.b.l. is an association that was launched at the beginning of June 2008 by the energy agency, the Henri Tudor Public Research Centre (now: LIST) and Enovos Luxembourg. Myclimate is one of the largest providers of voluntary offsetting measures in the world. Its projects are characterized by the respect of very strict criteria. In addition, the association offers a comprehensive range of sustainability advice and raises awareness of climate change and climate protection through climate education projects.


About OSSA Printing

The OSSA printing house was created in 1963 and moved to the Place de l’Etoile in Luxembourg.
In 1969, Arthur Schmitz took over the management of the company, and in 1979, his younger brother Jean-Paul joined him. In June 2001, after some twenty years of effort and joint work, the Schmitz brothers had the satisfaction of moving into the new premises in Niederanven.
In 2009 Arthur Schmitz retired from the business. During the same year Jean-Paul Schmitz’s son, Laurent joined his father in the management of the company.
Together they have continued to invest and innovate so that the company can keep pace with today’s technologies.
Printing OSSA and the advertising agency O’MEDIAS employ about twenty people.
Professional commitment plays a significant role. Jean-Paul Schmitz has been President of AMIL (Association des Maîtres Imprimeurs) and a member of the committee of the Fédération des artisans for more than twenty years.

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