Google AdWords or AdWords Express

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

There is a choice between AdWords and AdWords Express. AdWords Express has advantages and disadvantages, which must be analyzed.

Advantages of AdWords Express:

  • Also adapted for people with a low advertising budget

  • Perfect for companies that are mainly interested in local advertising:

    • For an advertisement to be shown, 2 conditions must be respected:- Geographical position of the user only 25 km away from the position of your company using AdWords Express

      – The search words must contain a geographical location (e. g. “artisan Luxembourg/City”)

    • The ads are therefore only visible to users in the region. In collaboration with Google Maps, the user will obtain, by a symbol on the map, your exact location.
  • Ease of use: even if you don’t have marketing skills, you can easily advertise. Do not specify keywords or define the parameters of your campaign.


Disadvantages of AdWords Express:

  • A click can be expensive. Google will assign the keywords and define the campaign parameters itself. This way you will not really have the opportunity to optimize your campaign.
  • Google has set the region at a radius of 25 km, no less.

Ad Words Express is therefore an alternative for Luxembourg artisans. A radius of 25 km allows Luxembourg to cover a fairly large part of the country. However, it is important to be aware that click payment can be more expensive here than for the AdWords Classic.


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