Mistakes to avoid – Make the right choices

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

Different mistakes can easily be avoided if you are careful. We have summarized the 6 most frequent mistakes.

The 6 Faults

  • Fault 1: Wrong choice of keywords

The importance of keywords decreases. However, it is still essential to choose an average of 8-12 relevant keywords.

  • Fault 2: Wrong choice of links

You need backlinks, but they must be useful. You must choose the links very carefully. Quality is worth more than quantity.

  • Fault 3: Wrong choice of graphic content

A website needs colour and images. However, here too, moderation is needed: too many colours or images are useless.  And choose relevant images. As already explained, search engines cannot analyze the graphic content, you need an alternative text.

  • Fault 4: Insufficient choice of home page

Home pages are important, but often there are long introductions, which are of poor use for indexing. And try not to use Flash, since search engines cannot analyze this content. If you want to make an introduction, put links to the site’s content. So robots can follow the path.

  • Fault 5: No update

You cannot offer outdated content to your visitors. Visitors, and most importantly search engines, like updated content. Present new information, new texts… on your website.

  • Fault 6: Updating your technique:

You should always be informed about the latest techniques to date. There are daily changes online, so you have to stay up to date. Make sure you always have the best version of your technical tools.

Try to favour the most modern CMS systems. This way you have an up-to-date technique and you can update your site yourself.


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