In 4 steps to an optimal site

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

The website will reflect your company. Online marketing has therefore become essential. You must follow step by step to create an optimal site.

Try to follow them for the creation of a new website. If you already have one, look at your site and see if you have followed the steps.

An additional tip: try to put yourself in your client’s shoes and follow the path described.

Preliminary step:

As a preliminary step, you must answer all these questions as precisely as possible before you can start planning and executing your site:

  • Who is my target group?
  • Will I design my site more technical/factual or pictorial/emotional?
  • What language will I use?
  • What is the unique feature of my company?
  • What is my strength?
  • What products and services are available? Are they unique? Are they essential for my target group? Does my competition offer the same products and services?
  • What products and services do I want to offer on my site, and what products and services do I not want to present on my site?

The better you carry out this preliminary step, the easier it will be to plan an optimal site that will attract and retain customers from your target group. This planning is mainly in the field of marketing. By following the preliminary step, you have already given your company a commercial structure. The preliminary stage is therefore not superfluous, but is a strategic long-term investment.

You can use the Internet to create a unique and world-renowned brand. The first impression of the website is important to achieve a certain singularity and notoriety to their brand. You should always try to give a positive image to your brand. Some succeed, some don’t.

Step 1: The objectives of your site

The first step is to define the purpose(s) of the site. The structure of the site will change according to the goals set. So you have to ask yourself an easy question: “What do I want to achieve with my site? »

  • Do I want to attract new customers?
  • Do I want to set my own prices?
  • Will I be offering new products and services?
  • Do I want to optimize customer service?

It is important that you set priorities during this first step! Don’t worry about details until you have taken charge of the essential things. So you must create a site that works flawlessly, before you can choose the color of your background.

Step 2: Definition of the target group and its interests

During this second step you must ask yourself a preliminary question: What is my target group?  Once we have identified this group, we can define their interests. You can only create an optimal website if you respect the interests and expectations of your target group, so this second step is essential.

During this step, two questions are essential:

  • Why do people contact you?
  • What are the most frequently asked questions

If visitors to the site are provided with answers to their questions directly, without them having to contact you directly, customer satisfaction increases.

Step 3: Features characteristic of your company

The third step is to answer some essential questions:

  • What makes your company unique/strength?
  • In which field are you specialized?
  • Why should the visitor choose to contact you instead of a competitor?

The answer to these questions should appear at first glance on your website. These are the strengths of your company. It is therefore this step that will allow you to attract new customers.

Step 4: Prepare for your success on the Internet by setting up a newsletter

The newsletter is a tool that is not used enough, although it has many advantages. This step is therefore also important

  • It allows to contact customers to present them with new products
  • It allows information to be transmitted
  • It allows to manage the contact details of interested parties and customers completely automated


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