Tips for creating a good ad

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

We can give you an essential preliminary advice: Your text ad must leave a good first impression with your potential customers. You have to convince him by the only online text, that you are going to be the right choice.

You have to be careful about a few points.

  • Advice 1:

Try to use keywords in titles and texts. This reduces the cost of your clicks and increases quality.

  • Advice 2 :

Try to talk to the person concerned. Examples: Register now; Order now our free brochure; Book an appointment online…

  • Advice 3 :

Do not use competing brands

  • Advice 4 :

Avoid exclamation marks that are too frequent

  • Advice 5 :

Avoid the superlative

  • Advice 6 :

The online click is a spontaneous and often emotional reaction. Only the company that is convincing is successful. Stay away from the normal.

  • Conseil 7 :

Often it can be useful to use negative qualifications. So you don’t attract people who are not really interested, but who will cost you money:

  • Insert a price: if someone sees your ad that is looking for free services, they will not click on your site, if they see directly that it costs.
  • Location: you will only attract people from your region
  • Experience: assume that you are a professional. This helps to attract customers
  • Age: if you only want a target group from a certain age, it is better to put it in, because others will not click on your link


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