Exclusive advice for your AdWords campaign

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

We have various exclusive tips, which allow you to set up a successful AdWords campaign.

– Tip 1: All your competitors will use the most obvious keywords. So try not to limit yourself to the easiest keywords

– Tip 2: Try to monitor your campaign regularly and analyse the results. If you have keywords that do not generate enough clicks, delete them and choose others. Otherwise it will only cost you useless money.

– Tip 3: Make sure that the words searched for by the user and your ad have a direct link. Otherwise the visitor will not find the information he is looking for, and you lose useless money again.

Tip 4: Try different landing pages and ad texts. You will then see which variant generates the most customers.

– Tip 5: You should continuously optimize your ad. This provides long-term benefits from Google AdWords.

– Tip 6: Do you only want to do business in your area? If the answer is yes, avoid paying for people who come from the other side of the world. Be sure to enter your target region. This way you will only pay for people from your geographical surroundings.

– Tip 7: Start your AdWords campaign now

At first, you will have to spend more to position yourself well. This is the ranking order system. What matters is not only what you are willing to pay, but also the number of clicks on your ad. Only clicks bring money to Google.

Set a higher budget at the beginning to better position yourself and generate more clicks. Afterwards you can reduce your budget, without this normally having an impact on the position you have won.


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