Be careful with the choice of keywords

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

The right choice of keywords is the crucial point in using Google AdWords. You should choose the appropriate keywords as carefully as possible. With keywords, Google decides whether or not your ad is inserted, whether you can attract interested people and what costs are generated.

Through Google Keyword-Planer, you can more easily find the right keywords. It can be found at To be able to use it you must have an Adwords account. You have different choices at your disposal.

Search for ideas for keywords and ad groups

You have the choice:

  • Search for keywords or groups of keywords
  • Search for website content
  • Search for categories

You can enter the search term and here you will find ideas for keywords. With additional configuration and filtration, you can further optimize your result.

  • Results of word group ideas: Google will automatically group keyword results into ad group proposals. You will have a consistent result here.
  • Keyword idea results: Google does not group keywords.

For each result, Google will offer you different analyses:

Average number of searches per month Competition Proposed offer Possible print proportions Add to the plan
Number of searches for the last 12 months based on the configuration you made Google will analyze your competitive situation, and give a result: low, medium or high Google takes into account here the price per click that will be paid. However, this is only an estimate. The actual price may vary afterwards. Google analyses here the proportion of possible impressions by dividing the number of impressions by the overall number of searches. You will see the potential of a keyword, a print or a click You can enter a keyword by clicking on it in your plan.

If you have finished choosing the keywords, you must record everything. You can choose with the keyword settings, for which search the ad will be published. You can use the symbols: ();”” and +/- instead of the Broad Match option. If you change “or” to “and”, your ad will be published in non-strategic places.

Example: Coloring: Hairdresser or Painter? in German a clear example : Bank = Möbel oder Finanzinstitut

Try different variations of your keywords and look at the results.


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