AdWords – Setting up of campaigns and ad groups

Published on 3 Jul, 2018

Go to You must follow the steps to set up your AdWords account. In the context of AdWords, a distinction must be made between the campaign and the ad group:

  • Campaign: you will determine your budget and the region in which you operate. This is very important to pay the fees, and you can decide where your ads will be published. Each campaign must contain at least one group of ads
  • Ad groups: You will choose the search combinations for which you want an ad to be published. And you can set the price of each click.


If we take an easy example: A hairdresser

  • You will try to present 3 campaigns:
    • A campaign for women
    • A campaign for gums
    • A campaign for the integrated make-up studio
  • Within each campaign, you will propose different groups of ads:
    • Women’s campaign: cutting, colouring, wedding hairstyle,…
    • Campaign for men: cut, brush…
    • Campaign for the studio: wedding makeup, communion makeup…


This way you can present different presentation texts for each subgroup. By this method you will attract more interested people. Try to take your time to set up the right structure and think before you create your campaign. Indeed, the better you structure yourself from the beginning, the easier it will be to manage your site afterwards.


Some definitions

  • CPC/Cost per click: You can choose the maximum price you want to pay per click. The price you actually pay afterwards can vary down, but never up.
  • Clicks: the number of clicks that will be generated by the keywords
  • Impr./Prints: Number of inserts
  • CTR/click-Trough-Rate: The number of clicks in %
  • Average CPC: this is the effective price of the click
  • Costs: overall costs
  • Average position: the position of the announcements on average
  • Average CPM: these are the average costs per 1000 impressions

You can adjust your Google AdWords by choosing other settings that you want to see displayed.


Configuring your campaigns

You can configure your campaign personally and optimize it to your tastes and expectations. If you have finished the basic setting, you can choose the region in which you are operating. This configuration is important in the context of crafts, especially in Luxembourg. If you choose your position, you will automatically find the scope of your site. You can also limit your workplace to a certain radius around your position.

Fixing the weekday and time of insertion of your ad

  • Standard mode: your ad will be inserted 24/24
  • Custom mode: you can also set the time and weekdays for which you want the ads to be published.


Customization according to the devices

Today we no longer only use computers to surf the Internet, but we increasingly use tablets or smartphones. You can customize your campaign for different electronic devices.